WWE RAW (July 1, 2019) Recap

Date: July 1, 2019
Location: American Airlines Center – Dallas, TX

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley ends in a No-Conest (5:00)
Both man brawl all over the arena and end up at the top of the stage. Strowman crashes with Lashley through the LED Tronwall and some massive explosions going off, causing the entire LED technology to fail. WWE employees rush with fire extinguishers to the scene. Several referees and the medical staff take care of the two motionless superstars, who are then transported to ambulances.

New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) def. The Viking Raiders via DQ (2:40)
Samoa Joe interferes in the match and causes the DQ. Kofi Kingston runs to to the ring and he brawls with Joe. We go to a commercial break.

Samoa Joe & Viking Raiders def. New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) via Referee Stoppage, when Kofi passes out in Joe’s Coquina clutch (07:15)

They show a video recap of R-Truth winning the title at Drake Mavericks’s wedding. Backstage we see Maverick leading his wife Renee Michelle blindfolded through the backstage area so he can surprise her with her honeymoon plans. He then takes her blindfold off her and she is angry because he took her to RAW for her honeymoon. Michelle then tells her husband that he is obsessed with the 24/7 title, and therefore has to choose between her and the belt. Maverick says he naturally chooses her because he loves her and there is nothing to separate her. We then see R-Truth right behind them and says Drake should not be disturbed, and sings “I’m in the mood for love” before moving on.

Backstage Gallows and Anderson talk. AJ Styles joins them. He says they were on fire last week, but they still lost. They then talk about Styles getting a title match from US Champion Ricochet. Gallows says Anderson thinks Styles can not beat Ricochet to win the title. Anderson confirms this and says that he will bet his hot Asian wife on it. AJ says Ricochet might be the best athlete he has ever been in the ring with and he accepts the bet.

Drake Mavericks and his wife sit in the front row for the next match. Truth is part of the conga line and he dances in front of Drake and then he dances with Renee.

Cesaro vs. No Way Jose match never starts
Before the bell rings, Cesaro knocks Jose off the apron and hits a gutwrench suplex followed by a Gotch Style Neutralizer.

Backstage Charly Caruso interviews the NXT Tag-Team Champions The Street Profits. Montez says they are here to bring the swag back to Raw.

Recap of what happened with Strowman and Lashley earlier in the show. Renee Young says they are being evaluated at the local medical facility.

Shane McMmahon and Drew McIntyre come to the ring. They talk about the situation around The Undertaker and the events of the previous week and the upcoming match at Extreme Rules. They say they do not fear the Undertaker and want him to come to the ring.
Suddenly the lights flicker and as Shane and McInytre look around, two lightning bolts hit the ring. The light goes out and you hear a gong. The Undertaker then slowly walks to the ring. Shane and Drew go into the crowd while Taker enters the ring.
The Deadman makes it clear that Reigns has never asked him for help, because that would not be the Big Dog. He says like most mortal men, Shane fell victim to his own greed and ego. Drew and Shane will be nothing more than a couple of lost souls suffering the torment and torture of that acrid stench of death. They will never Rest in Peace.

Backstage Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin talk about their match with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules.

Lacey Evans (w/ Baron Corbin) def. Natalya via Pinfall with the Womans Right (3:30)

Backstage Ricochet, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder talk. Charly Caruso wants to interview Ricochet. She asks him about losing to AJ Styles last week and if he thinks he can hold his own with AJ. Ricochet answers, AJ might not have been at 100 percent but he knows that he can beat him if they meet again.
Gallows and Anderson join in and making fun of Ricochet. They say Styles could beat him in 3 minutes if he wanted. Ricochet repeats himself, indicating that he believes he can beat Styles.
They leave and meet AJ Styles. Luke and Karl tell him what they wanted to hear about Ricochet saying he could beat AJ.They say AJ lost his edge. He wants to know where is the AJ Styles that would accept the challenge and slap Ricochet across the face?
AJ visits Ricochet and tells him that he will get his title tonight. Ricochet says he does not know why Styles is so fired up, but he accepts. Ricochet gets slapped in the face, but Ricochet slaps back.

Two Out of Three Falls Match
The Miz def. Elias mit 2:1. (08:55)
Fall #1: Miz def Elias with the Skull Crushing Finale (00:10)
Fall #2: Elias def. Miz with Drift Away (01:30)
Fall #3: Miz def. Elias via submission with the Figure Four Leglock. (08:55)

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews WWE RAW Womens Champion Becky Lynch and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and questions both about their match at the WWE Extreme Rules 2019 PPV against Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin. They both joke around a bit and Becky says she would not advise Rollins to lose her title.
Suddenly both are interrupted by Maria Kanellis, who says she has a problem with both being labeled as WWE’s first pair. In addition, she is not impressed by Becky’s title. Mike Kanellis also comes along and explains that Rollins only has the title, because he has not yet taken this away from him. Maria then challenges Becky and Rollins to a match against her and her husband.

Mixed Tag-Team Match
Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins def. Maria Kanellis & Mike Kanellis via submission when Becky puts Mike in the Disarm-Her. (03:30)
When Becky tags in and wants to wrestle Maria, she steps off the apron. Maria grabs a microphon and says that she is pregnant. Mike looks excited that Maria is pregnant but she humiliates her husband and says that Mike isn’t man enought to get her pregnant. Becky hip tosses Mike into the ring and applies DisArmHer and Mike taps out.
After the match Maria continues to humiliate her husband. The only real man here tonight was clearly The Man. So maybe next time she’ll ask Becky to impregnate her. Mike is hit hard while Maria drops the microphone and leaves the ring and the hall.

Paul Heyman backstage talks about Lesnar possible cashing in.The Street Profits show up and are shocked that Brock is here. They make fun of Heyman.

Moment of Bliss with guest Nikki Cross
Recapping Nikki beating Bayley last week to get Alexa a title match at Extreme Rules. Cross thanks her for her support and guidance and says she’ll always be grateful. Bliss says that’s all true but this is about giving Nikki the credit she deserves.
Carmella enters the stage. She says the truth is that Alexa is playing Nikki and that’s not cool or how friendship works.

Carmella def. Alexa Bliss (w/Nikki Cross) with a Schoolgirl Rollup (0:10)

Nikki Cross def. Carmella with a Swinging Neckbreaker (2:40)

Backstage after the match, Alexa and Nikki are interviewed by Sarah Schreiber, who says fans would rather see Nikki instead of Alexa in the title match at Extreme Rules. Nikki appears surprised, but before she can say anything, Alexa refuses to comment and pulls Nikki away.

Drake and his wife are walking backstage again, where he promises her a great honeymoon and she leaves to freshen up. Suddenly several superstars running up chasing 24/7 champion R-Truth but who can hide from them. But Drake Maverick uses his luggage to clock R-truth and calls for a Ref.

24/7 Championship Match
Drahe Maverick def. R-Truth to become the new champion

After his wife has reappeared, an excited Maverick says the honeymoon is going to be great as they can now do it 24/7. They both leave the arena.

WWE US Championship Match
Ricochet (c) def. AJ Styles via rollup (5:58)
AJ won the match when he pinned Ricochet but he had his foot under the ropes. Another Referee comes to the ring and the match gets restarted.

After the match, Styles and Ricochet shake hands. Gallows and Anderson get on the apron and Styles wants to know what they’re up to before he suddenly punches Ricochet. AJ has Karl and Luke come into the ring and they hit Magic Killer on Ricochet. It follows the Two Sweet gesture of Styles, Gallows and Anderson. Ricochet finally gets the Styles Clash from Second Rope missed. RAW goes off air with The Club clebrating.

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